Issues with Yoast SEO Social Cards – Workaround

Yoast SEO Premium – Issues with Social Media Cards

But like many tools out there, some features may have issues with certain platforms or other plugins.  I recently upgraded to the premium version of Yoast SEO on one of my properties, the Adult Student Resource Center.  After doing so, I ran into an issue of social network preview cards not working when posting links to my articles on Facebook and Twitter.  I ran my link through the Twitter card validator, it indicated that the URL was valid and meta tags were good but ended with an error stating “No card found (card error.)”

Yoast SEO Twitter Card ErrorTwitter card validator error – no card found

First, I followed all of the instructions provided by Yoast’s knowledge base, and then followed them three more times just to be sure.  Then, I went through troubleshooting steps provided by Twitter and Twitter Community.  Finally, I verified that my meta tags were all in place and that my featured image for the post was under 5MB.

Under the Yoast social preview area for the post, I was seeing the below error on the Facebook preview. On the Twitter preview, the image defaulted to the generic gray open graph picture.  So clearly, something in my setup is not picking up my featured image, despite the fact that it shows up in the meta tags of the page, and is well below 5MB.

Yoast SEO social card errorYoast SEO Facebook card error

The Simple Workaround for Yoast SEO Social Card Errors

I’m still searching for the cause of this – I don’t believe I should have to do this workaround. The social cards should configure automatically from the featured image. Maybe there’s a conflict with an existing plugin, or with my Divi theme.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick workaround that must be done in every post:

  1. In the post, under Yoast SEO Premium, go to the social preview section by clicking on the share icon on the left side of the box.
  2. Under each social media section (I only use Facebook and Twitter for now), click on the ‘upload image’ button, and add the image you wish to show on your social card.
  3. Update the post.
  4. Run the link through the Twitter card validator.

That’s it.

Now when the Twitter card validator is run, I get this happy preview, and my preview card shows up when the post is shared:

Twitter card validator – success!

How the post looks on Twitter itself

Like I said, I’m still looking into what is causing the Yoast social cards to not work automatically.  If anyone has any ideas, please comment. But, this is a quick workaround for each post.

EDIT: Yoast reached out and suggested going through a plugin conflict check. I’m still playing around with this (I don’t want to switch themes since I’m so invested in Divi), and will report back if anything changes.


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