Recent publications by Vaal Web Properties staff

Why and How to Deactivate Facebook (But Keep Messenger)
Summary: step-by-step instructions on deactivating your Facebook profile but keeping Messenger active. This is by far my most read article.
Subject: Technology, Personal Care
Publication: Medium

How to Choose a Hostel That Fits Your Lifestyle
Summary: how to figure out the vibe of a hostel in advance - is it a party place or more laid back?
Author: Alex Ashton
Subject: Travel
Publication: Blasting News UK

The Most Important Thing You Must Do Before Any Job Interview
Summary: valuable tips on how to prepare for and nail that job interview.
Author: Alex Ashton
Subject: Professional
Publication: LinkedIn

One Simple Question to Evaluate Everything in Your Life
Summary: when evaluating people, situations or things in your life, ask yourself a simple question: does this bring net positivity to my life?
Author: Alex Ashton
Subject: Self-Help
Publication: Medium

How Hernán Cortés' Sexual Appetite Affected the Course of History
Summary: did Hernan Cortes’ sex life alter the course of history in the New World? Consider the role that sex played in his timeline, from Spain to the New World. My second most viewed article.
Subject: History
Publication: Medium

Ode to the City
Summary: a reflective essay about moving to the city full of hope and leaving with a feeling of defeat.
Author: Alex Ashton
Subject: Urban Life
Publication: Medium